The Seawall Society

About us

The Seawall Trail Society is responsible for the development of the Seawall Trail. The society - a registered non profit - was formed in 2014 with the intention to develop Northern Cape Breton's natural walking assets and to create a product that would support both locals and visitors. In addition to attracting hikers, we believe the trail has great potential as a sustainable economic engine in rural Nova Scotia.

The society is comprised of a diverse group of members who are passionate about nature, exploring, hiking and grassroots community development. We have teachers, engineers, professors, fisherman, writers, contractors, outfitters, chefs and guides on our board of directors. The society also has an excited and committed advisory group comprised of outdoor enthusiasts who understand the value and importance of the Seawall Trail.

Meet our team

Ray Fraser

Board Member


Bay St. Lawrence, Victoria County, CB

Ray lives in Bay St. Lawrence, NS.

David Williams

Vice Chair


Sydney, Cape Breton

David Williams is from Sydney, Nova Scotia.

Scott MacLeod

Board Member


Coxheath, Cape Breton

Scott lives in Coxheath, NS.