Seawall Trail

A Proposed Multi-Day Hike in Northern Cape Breton - Unama’kik

through the valleys and along the cliffs where the land and sea collidE...

 EXISTS The perfect place for an epic hiking trail.

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Hikers: Welcome to Amazing!

Cape Breton Island (or Unama’kik in Mi'kmaw) is a wonderful place to explore on foot; steep valleys, hidden waterfalls, majestic old growth forests and a rugged coastline are just a few of the natural features waiting for the curious and intrepid hiker. While it has plenty of wonderful day hikes, Cape Breton lacks a true long-distance hiking trail.

We are proposing the Seawall Trail, an epic trek along the coast and cliffs of Northern Cape Breton - Unama’kik. We believe that, when completed, the Seawall Trail will attract hiking enthusiasts from around the globe and will help establish Nova Scotia as a world-class hiking destination.

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Learn more about The Seawall Trail and the work involved to get a world class hiking path built...

Building a top notch hiking trail that checks off all the boxes - fantastic route, amazing scenery, well-constructed footpath, comfortable accommodations - is a major undertaking that requires significant planning, resources and funding. Our Project Overview gives a quick idea of what's required to build a trail in Nova Scotia's Wilderness Areas.

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Seawall Trail Funding Annoucment

The Seawall Trail has recieved funding.

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